New Hall

The proposed new Hall will have larger floor space with a stage which will have two small dressing rooms with toilets, one either side of the stage which will enable the hall to accommodate a theatre type production. This will also allow the Bowls club their extra room for league matches. There will be an under stage storage area with reasonably large access doors.

Further ground floor accommodation will be ladies and gents toilets with baby changing facilities, disabled toilet also with baby changing facility, a large fully fitted kitchen with necessary appliances and a large storage room for chairs and tables etc. The entrance lobby will contain the stairs to the first floor committee room, fitted with a stair lift, a small storage cupboard located under the stairs and a double door entrance to the main hall. The committee room will cover the area of the kitchen storage room and toilets and over the stair well will be a small lockable office.

Outside a further storage building will run the depth of the hall to enable storage of larger items for groups such as scouts or any others. This part of the building may have to be racked out to get the best value from this area.

The rest of the land area after demolition of the old hall will be tarmacadamed and marked out for parking of 25 vehicles which will include 3 disabled parking spaces.

These new facilities will enable possible theatre productions, and duel usage for hiring, enhanced kitchen under the hygiene regulations, allowing weddings and better social functions.

All entrances and doorways will have wheelchair access and will have ramps as necessary.




With the help of Dorset Community Action (DCA) and many hours of work making sure the Stage 1 application was completed correctly, it was finally submitted to Big Lottery on 28th June ’16. Our hopes were high, but also very aware that to be successful our application had to stand out to have a chance.

The Village Hall committee are extremely delighted to inform the community that on July 28th Big Lottery invited them to submit a Stage 2 application as it is a project they might consider funding.

The funding budget for the whole of England is £20 million a year for Reaching Communities, not a lot of money if all applications are for the highest amount of £500,000. Therefore it is a great achievement to be invited to complete the Stage 2 application.

The committee met with DCA on 12th August to read and discuss the Stage 2 application form and, with the help of the guidance notes, set out an action plan to gather the information required to complete the form.

The information gathered at the Extravaganza Day and the questionnaire will be used, but there are areas within that evidence that will need more clarification. We will be talking more to the community as to what is needed, so lots more work to be done.

The next few weeks will be very busy but, with guidance from DCA, the committee will endeavour to provide the evidence needed to complete the Stage 2 application form to the highest level and once again stand out for the Big Lottery committee to consider favourably and invite us to submit Stage 3 application, the final hurdle.

Submission by end of October. So watch this space!!